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Health Care Professional

To effectively treat patients, health care providers need the most accurate and current information to help determine the appropriate care.

Using a secure health information exchange will give you access to a patient’s most complete medical history, by securely linking with other electronic health records.

For example, a provider in one part of the state can find out her patient had an EKG last week and everything was normal, possibly eliminating the need for repeated expensive medical tests. Compiling information from several locations enables health care providers to have access to more information than
just their patient’s chart.

Allowing health care professionals secure access to health information should improve the system. Through a health information exchange, you will be able to search information about a specific patient by verifying and selecting the information you want.

Having access to this information through a secure web-based system will also cut down on the need to obtain paper records. Allowing health care providers access to the information they need securely, timely and accurately will help you deliver the best possible care because you will be better equipped to focus on the treatment of the patient.

A health information exchange will also be a valuable tool for public health professionals. Qualified professionals will be able to use the exchange for information on public health outcomes and treatments.