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DIRECT Messaging

Today, sharing health information among healthcare organizations, providers and patients is done primarily by mail or fax.
The federal government has provided grants to states to encourage the widespread adoption of health information technology (HIT).

The PA eHealth Partnership Authority was established to promote and advance this technology and health information exchange.

Information for Healthcare Providers

DIRECT is a form of secure email that provides the standards and services necessary to securely push content from a sender to a receiver. DIRECT benefits patients and providers by improving the sharing of health information, making it faster, more secure and less expensive. It is also a first step towards the adoption of more robust forms of health information exchange.

How to Choose a HISP—a Primer
View a list of certified HISPs and questions to ask when choosing one.

DIRECT Info Sheet for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

DIRECT Info Sheet for Providers

Webinar: DIRECT Messaging in PA

Webinar Presentation

HISP Certification Documents

In order to be recognized on the Authority's website, a HISP must first be certified by the Pennsylvania eHealth Partnership Authority.

Direct Certification Checklist

Consolidated HISP Certification Requirements

Email Client Test Plan & Attestation

Portal Delivery Test Plan & Attestation

EHR DIRECT Integration Test Plan & Attestation

Uniform HISP Agreement

Terms & Conditions (Exhibit C)

Questions about becoming a certified HISP?