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As a health care consumer, you expect to receive the best possible care. If you are like most people, you see more than one health care provider – probably your primary care doctor, maybe a specialist or two and a pharmacist.

It’s unlikely that any one of them have the entire picture about your health, and they need that to provide the best care.

Electronic health record systems help to capture your health information and the authorized exchange of health information among providers will help to deliver more efficient, complete and accurate health information when needed for patient care.

An electronic health information exchange offers health care providers access to the “whole picture,” with your consent. By collecting and verifying information from other health care providers at a local, regional or state level, the health care provider seeing you at any one point in time can make the most informed health care recommendations and decisions regarding your treatment.

Using a system to pull health care information from many sources and compile it in one place will help increase the efficiency of the system. Health care providers will know of your recent exams tests and procedures, even if you can’t tell them or don’t remember. That means they can deliver better and more efficient care.

A note about security

There may be concern from some individuals about the security of their personal health information. There are federal and state laws such as HIPAA designed to protect both paper and electronic health records. A health information exchange will meet stringent requirements to ensure the safety and privacyof every individual’s information.